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About Our Statistical Data

This exclusive comprehensive statistical data compilation aims to provide users with an unparalleled understanding of the historical trends of boat slip transactions within Pamlico County. 


Coastal Marine Realty bases its analysis on the historical boat slip sales from the seven major marinas in Pamlico County: Grace Harbor Marina, Oriental Harbor Village Marina, Pecan Grove Marina, Point Marina, Sea Harbour Marina, Whittaker Creek Marina, and Whittaker Pointe Marina.

The provided analysis is based on every recorded boat slip sale at these seven marinas, as documented online at the Pamlico County Registry of Deeds, however, users should be aware that only records provided in the County office are considered "official" public records. 

While Coastal Marine Realty strives for accuracy, users are advised to independently verify this data and consult with relevant professionals before making any real estate buying or selling decisions. Coastal Marine Realty disclaims any liability for errors, omissions, or discrepancies in the provided statistical data.

Finally, no other real estate organization has undertaken the task of compiling a more exhaustive or comprehensive set of historical sales data and analysis.  While we are pleased to offer this data to the public without charge, we kindly request that you acknowledge Coastal Marine Realty as the source if you decide to publish it.

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